Who needs a Professional Supervisor?  

People in helping professions and all counsellors regardless of experience, need Supervision. Participating in Profession Supervision assists the practitioner with the development of their skills, personal well-being and professional growth. Those who need and benefit from Professional Supervision include:


  • Any person whose job has a significant component that involves them dealing with people in crisis
  • Most professionals who work in the Human Services industry
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Counsellors
  • Professional Supervisors
  • Career Practitioners
  • Social Workers
  • Student Counsellors, Youth Workers
  • Ministers, Clergy, Nuns, Chaplains
  • Business Professionals
  • Educators including Principals, Deputies, HODs, Deans, Teachers
  • Any other person who believes it would be advantageous;


Duties and Responsibilities of Professional Supervisor and Supervisee

(As per the ACA Australian Counselling Association Supervision Guidelines) 


Professional Supervisor:

  • Encourage on-going professional education.
  • Challenge Supervisee to validate approach and technique used.
  • Monitor basic micro-skills and advanced skills, including transference and, counter-transferences.
  • Provide alternative approaches for the Supervisee.
  • Intervene where client welfare is at risk.
  • Ensure ethical guidelines and professional standards are maintained.
  • Provide consultation when necessary.
  • Discuss administrative procedures and marketing strategies.



  • Uphold ethical guidelines and professional standards.
  • Discuss client cases with the aid of written case notes and video/audio tapes.
  • Validate diagnoses made and approach and techniques used.
  • Be open to change and alternative methods of practice.
  • Consult Professional supervisor or designated contact person in cases of emergency.
  • Implement Professional supervisor directives in subsequent sessions.
  • Maintain a commitment to supervise education and the counselling profession.



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