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Year 12 Get Me Out of Here


For the past 12 years every Monday to Friday you have been getting up ready for school, playing sport every weekend, and gaming. Each day you have been working hard for your school results. For the most part, you have enjoyed school or maybe you are ready to escape. One of the best things about school is seeing your friends every day, socialising ‘hanging out’ and going through this journey of ‘School’ together.


But now you are moving towards the end of the year starting a new journey ‘your journey’. Several of the students in your class seem to know what they are going to do next year. In reality, most of them have no clue. So where do you start? Everyone appears to have an idea or an opinion on which career will suit you. But this journey is your destination and one you will have to navigate without your teacher checking on you. Your parents are there to guide you, but often they are unsure how to steer you in the right direction. Transitional Support Careers Practitioners help you to discover yourself and support you in your careers destination. Careers Practitioners guide you on a journey of self-discovery and assist you in gaining the competencies necessary to start applying for these new and exciting opportunities.

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