How can I develop resiliency in my child?

A question I’m asked often by parents and teachers is how can they develop resiliency in children and teens? While there is a lot of research available and opinions of others. Here are few I use: 1. Develop a Sense of Identity – Who am I? What is my family story/history? Helps us to also … Continued

Too Anxious for School: School Avoidance / Refusal Vs Truancy

School refusal differs from truancy in that parents are aware that their child is staying home from school over a prolonged period. In most cases, this is because the prospect of going to school causes the child or young person emotional distress. Truancy or wagging is an anti-social behaviour where the young person skips school … Continued

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay therapy is a recognised therapeutic modality for both children and adults, based on the psychology of C.G. Jung and developed by the Swiss psychotherapist and teacher Dora Kalff. It is particularly useful for identifying and reconciling internal conflicts that manifest as anxiety and depression, as well as penetrating the depths of personality to experience … Continued

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