Life Long Education

An important part of understanding career development is that education is lifelong. The best way to stay employable and to ensure you have numerous opportunities is by keeping your skills up to date. By keeping your knowledge current and relevant, your skill set will always be in demand. Maintaining currency is achieved by reading journals, widely reading, attending seminars, participating in workshops and upskilling yourself with formal qualifications.


In Australia, we are very fortunate to have many avenues to further our Education and many institutions which provide those opportunities. Much emphasis and pressure is placed on young people to get their best results possible in year 12. This perceived importance of the ‘best results’ can put many young people into a whirlwind of fear for their future, placing enormous pressure on the family. Furthering your education post school is easily attainable. If you do not have the immediate results to get into the University of your dreams, there are alternative pathways that will help you to achieve your dream career.


Before deciding on which pathway to study, it is important to discover who you are and which career direction best suits you, especially since the dropout rate in the first year of university is as high as 50 percent and incorrect pathway options are unsatisfactory and costly.


Another important consideration is that further study is attainable for everyone no matter your age. Transitional Support believes that tertiary education is achievable for anyone who has the motivation to succeed.  People are most motivated when they are aware of their self, their needs, have clear goals and understanding of their self-actualisation. Individuals with an understanding of their Emotional Intelligence and an ongoing self-development have proven to outperform those with a high level of Intelligence (IQ). Taking time to reflect and discover your story will help you towards a rewarding career pathway.

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