Career Changes

The struggle people have when trying to answer the famous question ‘Who am I?’ is not getting bogged down with negativity or going in the wrong direction. There is a lot of information out there to decipher and even writing your own story is time-consuming. Understating the world of careers investigation and development can be like learning a new language.


This is where the Transitional Support Careers Practitioners will guide you through this journey. Careers exploring is not just for school leavers and does not only occur at the end of year 12. Throughout the years there will be many times you stop and ask yourself ‘Who am I?’ That is the time to stop and reflect on all aspects of your life and which new direction you would like to take. It is also an opportunity to transfer your skills into the language of careers and learning how to write selection criteria as well as updating your resume. All the while ensuring you are using careers language that will help you to gain employment in your chosen field. The Workforce is Changing rapidly – How Will You Manage?



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