Workshop Terms & Conditions

Transitional Support Presentation and Workshop Terms & Conditions

Workshop places are limited and will be booked on a first come first served basis. A person is not registered for this workshop until the completed registration is received and workshop payment has been processed.


Applications will be processed according to the advertised cost & conditions. Tax receipts will be made out to the applicant unless otherwise stated. The applicant is responsible for supplying clear and correct information; any changes or additional contact by Transitional Support may incur an administration fee.


All payments to Transitional Support are to be processed via our online payment gateway unless otherwise stated. We do offer offline credit card processing and bank transfer.


A tax receipt and confirmation of your registration will be issued via email to your nominated email address within seven days of receipt of payment.


You agree to contact Transitional Support if you have not received notice or a receipt within seven days of payment. Requests for copies of tax invoices/receipts after this 7-day period will incur an administration fee of $90 ex GST.


Transitional Support provides a Certificate of Attendance for each workshop. These are distributed as a hard copy to participants at the workshop. Requests for copies of a Certificate of Attendance after the workshop has finished will incur an administration fee.


Catering & Refreshments

In the event that Transitional Support provides refreshments, they will include a selection of vegetarian and gluten free food. Transitional Support does not cater for any other special diet requirements.


Transfer of Registration

You may transfer your registration to another attendee OR to another venue within ten days of the event start date. Notification of a transfer including the transferee’s full name and email address must be received in writing within this time frame.


Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Should you wish to cancel your registration, a charge of $90 (ex GST) will be made for cancellations received in writing at least 30 days before the event start date. No cancellations under any circumstances will be accepted within 30 days of the event start date.


Cancellation of an Event by Transitional Support

In the event Transitional Support needs to cancel the workshop, then a full refund will be made of any registration fee paid by an attendee. Transitional Support will not be responsible for any cost other than any payment made by you for workshop registration.


Transitional Support reserves the right to make any changes to any events, programs or workshops without notice including the substitution of an alternative presenter if the advertised presenter is not available. If a workshop presenter is unable to complete a Transitional Support workshop, then Transitional Support reserves the right to substitute another experienced presenter for completing the training.


Our Workshops: Disclaimer

Transitional Support workshops are defined as a meeting at which a group of people engage in activity on a particular subject or project with the intention of gaining knowledge, skills or techniques. Transitional Support workshop delivery can include but are not limited to; demonstrations, session recordings, audience questions, practice exercises, lecture, video presentations, discussion and experiential demonstrations. Each Transitional Support workshop is unique with content and presentation primarily determined by the presenter. Should you require further details on a particular workshop, please feel free to contact us.


Transitional Support workshops are primarily intended for educators and mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, teachers and school support staff. Transitional Support workshops are also open to the public with interest in the subject matter. Workshops are not an opportunity for treatment and mental health care.


Transitional Support’s Exhibition, Marketing and Advertising by Individuals and Outside Organisations Policy Subject to the approval of content and suitability Transitional Support allows, at no cost, registered attendees (2 nominated persons) associated with relevant organisations the opportunity to promote their organisations during morning and afternoon teas and lunch via discussion, business cards and brochures.


Transitional Support will provide a nominated table to facilitate this shared networking space at each training. Individuals and Organisations need to secure Transitional Support’s approval before placing any materials on the networking table. Transitional Support will announce these networking opportunities at each training. Transitional Support does not take any responsibility for the security of these materials.


Transitional Support does not allow any presenters, individual or organisation to solicit contact and email details of registered attendees at our training events. Further, Transitional Support does not condone unsolicited marketing to, or recruitment or harassment of our registered participants. Transitional Support works on the premise that interested individuals will take business cards and brochures and approach organisations of their own accord.


Transitional Support’s Public Liability Insurance Policy


Transitional Support’s public liability insurance covers the presenter(s) and registered attendees at Transitional Support’s events. Only those participants who have registered via Transitional Support’s registration process will be covered by our public liability insurance policy. Security will refuse entry to unregistered persons.


Transitional Support’s public liability insurance policy does not cover any activity which may involve direct physical contact with the presenter(s) or registered attendees. If physical contact is necessary for demonstration, then the demonstrator of the technique needs to seek authorisation from Transitional Support at least four weeks before the commencement of the training.


The demonstrator will need to provide Transitional Support with a copy of their public liability insurance policy to cover the proposed activity.


Transitional Support will legally assess this public liability insurance policy before the actual training event. Once this policy has been legally reviewed, we will contact the applicant in writing regarding the outcome of this assessment. This process attracts an administration fee of $350.00 per application.


Due to the potential ethical and legal implications, Transitional Support strongly advises against utilising demonstrations requiring physical contact. In the past, demonstrations requiring physical contact have been pre-recorded and shown at training via video.


Video/Audio Taping and Photography Policy

The Audio / Video recording and taking of photos (including camera phones) at Transitional Support professional development events are strictly prohibited.


Transitional Support reserves the right to take photographs and record video and audio at our events for future promotional and archival use. If you do not wish to be included in any such material, please advise Transitional Support before the event, and we will ensure to the best of our ability to not capture or publicly display any such media containing anything that would identify you.

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