Working with Difficult People

The reality is everyone has their quirks and ways of doing things and while not everyone is always going to like you and nor are you going to like them. Conflict is a normal process; it is part of people it is human nature, it is a way of learning how to live and work in close collaboration with all types of individuals. Conflict forms the process of developing ideas when working in groups. This is the norming, storming and forming process, teams go through and can go through this cycle several times before developing and implementing their ideas.


Most of the time we learn how to deal with people and conflict from what we learnt within our family and school environments. The trick is learning how not to take it personally and developing the skills to cope with working with other personalities types. However, at times this conflict within the workplace can be overwhelming and hard to cope with and navigate. It may even leave you feeling like you should be looking for a different job and changing your workplace. When placed in this position it is very difficult, many feelings, and emotions can arise especially if you are not ready to move on.


Unfortunately, these situations can be very stressful on people, and they can feel isolated and be placed at risk of depression, potentially leading to increased sick leave and work dissatisfaction. It is vital to speak with a Transitional Support Careers Practitioner if you are experiencing dissatisfaction within the workplace before making any hasty changes. Together we can explore avenues and help you to transition yourself, career or direction into one that you feel comfortable with, in control of and in charge. Such a positioning should make you the master of you career journey and leave you feeling more confident.

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