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Year 12 Get Me Out of Here   For the past 12 years every Monday to Friday you have been getting up ready for school, playing sport every weekend, and gaming. Each day you have been working hard for your school results. For the most part, you have enjoyed school or maybe you are ready … Continued

Life Long Education

An important part of understanding career development is that education is lifelong. The best way to stay employable and to ensure you have numerous opportunities is by keeping your skills up to date. By keeping your knowledge current and relevant, your skill set will always be in demand. Maintaining currency is achieved by reading journals, … Continued

Your Story

Your employability and career story is as unique to you as your fingerprint. It starts from when you were little to where you are right now. It is your story, and it will grow with you. As you develop and change so will your career interests. An in-depth understanding of yourself and your self-actualisation will … Continued


Past employment and work experience will also give you valuable insight into who you are and what type of future employment you may like to explore. However, a lot of young people will often say to me ‘I don’t want to flip burgers nor do I want to be a check out chick.’ The reality … Continued

Taking a Gap Year

Young people will often question the option of taking a gap year. A gap year has many pros and cons that first must be considered and explored before committing to such an important decision. A thoroughly thought out, well investigated and well-developed gap year plan that involves in-depth discussions with parents and others can be … Continued

Who Am I

There are several career assessment tools, personality tests and IQ tests that are helpful in your career quest. The most important part of this process is exploring the question everyone asks themselves at one point or another ‘Who Am I’ while also trying to answer ‘I am a person who……’ Deciding on a career is … Continued

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