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Enquiries: email info@transitionalsupport.com.au or call 1800 744 568 to secure your spot at any or all of the workshops below, click on the book now payment link.


Too Anxious for School & School Engagement

School Avoidance, Refusal Vs Truancy 

31st July, 11th September, 18th October – 1 day workshop

Learn what School refusal is, how it differs from truancy, the main reasons why it occurs, and how to support a young person and their family who are experiencing this difficulty.  

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High-Risk Case Management 

Working with Suicidal Ideation & Risk Assessment  

21st August, 06th September, 08th November – 1-day workshop

Working with suicide ideation plans vs. thoughts and practitioner selfcare.  How to avoid compassion fatigue while working with clients in crisis who cannot find hope. 

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NAPS (Nurturing Antenatal and Postnatal Support) Group

A Therapeutic Support Group for New Parents 

5week program

Discussion topics will include, debunking parenting myths, the importance of sleep and how to get it, selfcare and how to deal with stress and changing moods. 

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Professional Burnout, Secondary Trauma and Self Care

Support Plans for the Caring Professional

17th July, 09th August,  – 1-day workshop

Learn the difference between burnout and secondary trauma, how to recognise the different signs, symptoms and triggers, as well as the importance of self-awareness, self-care and self-management in preventing and managing burnout. To click on payment link

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Group Supervision

Second Thursday of every month

Opportunity to reflect on best practice, build your network, and increase your resiliency in this industry. Supervision is vital for people working in helping professions for self-care and to reduce the impact of burnout and compassion fatigue.

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